The Merry Den Lifestyle 


Lifestyle is a key consideration when making a big move and people often want to know what to expect when taking on a Merry Den service, whether in their own home or in supported accommodation. 

Our team members are fully trained and committed to enable you to live your life to the full, regardless of your disability, and reach your activity goals. There is a constant dialogue between the team and the residents via bi-monthly house meetings and annual satisfaction surveys so staff can fully monitor the residents' progress and make sure that residents and their families are continually satisfied with the level of service from Merry Den.


Merry Den prides itself on its happy service users! Halloween at Merry Den


We understand and respect that we all make different choices and have different needs and our team members are here to support each person individually. Support staff will accompany service users to and from designated activities - if required - whether via the accessible pool of vehicles at Merry Den or via local public transport.


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