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Merry Den has five supported living homes - and a sixth currently on the way! These homes provide a safe and secure environment for the residents as well as providing a base for them to build a strong support network.  Our fully trained team members are on hand to help service users wash, dress, cook, shop; in fact, whatever is required to help residents thrive and live as independently as possible.


Each home has no more than 3 people sharing at any one time. This is not only done to promote the feeling of it being a real home but also to create a real sense of community between the service users - we want you to be in an environment where you feel comfortable enough to develop new relationships.  All homes are tailored to meet the individual’s accessibIlity requirements and each room has its own washing area. We also encourage service users to decorate the homes as they wish, helping them to feel completely at ease in their new surroundings. 


What's more, each of the Merry Den residences is named after a member of Dave and Denise's own family; a real indicator of how invested the Merry Den team is and the familial environment they foster for service users. 


Click here for more information on each of our lovely homes:


Charlsden House              

Leighton House                 

21 Woodside Street

Maydene House 

Myfawny House

Barbsden House

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