Activities at Merry Den


Based near to the heart of Cinderford and on an accessible bus route to Gloucester and Monmouth, there are many local amenities nearby such as hairdressers, dentists, doctors, shops, churches, gyms, and cinemas.

Merry Den prides itself on enabling each resident to fulfil their needs and goals so no two days are the same. However, below is a list of specific activities service users typically enjoy:

Visiting local day centres or activity centres

There are a few day centres nearby - Fairtide, Orchard Trust and Community Links - where service users can enjoy arts and crafts, plays, music, gardening and supporting animals. The Arts Space activity centre offers individuals the chance to practice pottery, drawing, and dance, amongst other arts activities.


Voluntary or paid work

Some people choose to do voluntary work within the local community. Activities here include: volunteering in two local elderly care homes, landscaping with a local gardening firm, or working with horses at the local stable. Others in fact manage to go on to complete paid work with our support.

College courses

There are many courses available to service users at the local college. Examples include: arts and crafts, cooking, independent living skills, aqua aerobics, IT skills, dance, and swimming. All intended to improve people’s confidence and equip them with the skills to lead fulfilling lives.


For the more active service users among us, there are football, rugby and skittle clubs as well as gyms, swimming pools and aerobics classes within Cinderford itself.

Special occasions and holidays

Merry Den loves to bring everybody together as part of group activities and even host parties to mark special occasions such as birthdays, Easter and Christmas. Service users can also enjoy a range of holidays at Merry Den, from UK weekend breaks to a week in Spain.

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