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Fighting Boy Jer


Jer was the first individual to be supported by Merry Den back in 2004 so he is the most long-standing and one of the most well-known people we support.  

He is most famous for his drawings, which he has been doing now for over 30 years. He has drawn lots of families within Coleford and Cinderford and has made lots of friends this way.

He also loves poetry and writing to famous people. He’s even been lucky enough to get a few replies off people like Brian Darcey and from Lego Land!

Aside from this he is passionate about music (you can usually hear him whistling before you can see him!), and he also enjoys dinosaurs, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Jer is such a loved and integral part of the community that he even has a Facebook group and website in honour of himself and his works: 


 Jer's distinctive painting style in his bedroom 

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