How To Get A Place at Merry Den 


The initial stage of this process is the referral. This can come from the individual themselves, from their social worker, or if a social worker requests an emergency placement.

Once this initial contact has been made, it’s our duty to make sure that residence in a Merry Den home is the right decision for each and every individual. To begin with, we would conduct a needs assessment with the person, their family and social worker. We take the time to meet on a number of occasions to discuss what that person’s goals are and if or how Merry Den can help enable those goals. Social Services would complete their own, separate assessment so we can make sure we are advising the individual correctly and allowing them to make the right decision.  

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If it is agreed that a person would benefit from Merry Den support, fees are then calculated to ensure their needs are fully met. This is based on a needs and a financial assessment.

To make sure each person is comfortable within their potential new surroundings, we encourage a transition stage whereby people come to visit our accommodation a number of times during the day and then complete an overnight stay before moving in. This is done on a case by case basis as some people require more or fewer visits than this and we will do whatever we can to accommodate people’s wishes here.


For further information on the referral and application process or to find out about waiting lists for Merry Den accommodation, please give us a call on 01594 827358 or email Alternatively, click here to download our referral form.




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