Care FAQs

 Will my special needs be met, even at night time?

 Merry Den offers full night support for its service users including waking night staff.

 If I require more care in the future, will the home be able to provide this?

Merry Den is committed to its service users and should your requirements change, our team members are fully equipped to meet these and enable you lead an independent life.

Are there medical facilities in the local area or will I need my own doctor?

You are able to have your own doctor visit however there is a health centre in Cinderford where we can help you register.

Are there visiting dentists and opticians? Is speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy available?

As well as a health centre there are also dentists, opticians and chiropodists in Cinderford. In addition, we also have an arrangement with a mobile hairdresser and there are hairdressers in the town centre. Speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists are available through the local Health Care Team.