Accommodation FAQs

Are the houses suitable for wheelchair users?

Several homes at Merry Den Care have disabled access.

Can I see the room I'm offered? Could I change rooms if I wish?

Yes, we are happy to show you around potential rooms to make sure you are fully happy with the home. We are keen to accommodate people’s wishes but it would be dependent on availability.

Do the bedrooms have TV and telephone points?

All bedrooms have TV points so you can have a personal TV in your room. Most rooms do not have private telephone points however portable land lines are available in each house so telephones can be taken in to your room for privacy when making a call.

Are ensuite facilities available?

All facilities are easily accessible for our service users and there is a daily cleaning rota in place to make sure they are kept up to our high standards. We have walk in baths and splash rooms for those requiring them and would look to install hoists if required.

Are pets allowed?

MerryDen does allow pets if agreed by other service users living in the house and if the management team carry out a risk assessment. We will try to accommodate your wishes wherever possible.

Can valuables be stored safely?

You can store your valuables at Merry Den either in your room, in a locked filing cabinet or in the office safe. Itemised receipts are given for your possessions so you know exactly what you have handed over for safe keeping. Each room has lockable doors and windows and there is outside sensor lighting.

Does the home's insurance policy cover loss or damage to my possessions?

Our home insurance policy covers buildings and contents however, you must arrange your own cover for valuable items.

What are the arrangements for smokers?

There is a no smoking policy within the house and Merry Den vehicles but service users can smoke in the garden area.